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Once upon a time there was a beautiful Finnish woman and a handsome Italian man, the sandy beaches of Riccione and one particular, warm disco night in the 70s. One year later they got married in Italy, and soon after their son Erik was born. We lived near Florence in the city of Prato, which was the Italian yarn center. He founded the Nordic Yarn yarn company together with his (ex-)wife Tia De Bono and still run it as a small family business that it is. All our products are designed in Finland and made in Italy. Despite the fact that buying cashmere, a long-lasting product, can be very sustainable and ethical (cashmere cultivation doesn’t hurt the animal, it supports small-scale producers, and it is functional, soft, and biodegradable), the overall effect may not be if overproduction damages the environment. This is why hopes that consumers will reward sustainability in Mongolia by paying price premiums for products that are economically, environmentally, and socially beneficial. We are very proud of our cashmere, the artisanal craftsmanship it takes to make every hank, its quality and the feel you get when working and wearing it. Our goal at Nordic Yarn is to bring you Timeless, Ethical and Sustainable. P.S All shops that order from us get FREE pattern support from us to help with the sales. Please reach out if you have any question, we are thrilled to hear from you!

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