About US

Jose and Debra Martinez started Wicked Sins Yarn and Designs in Las Vegas Nevada on 10/31/2019.  We started this company because at the time there was only two locations for Local Yarn shops in Las Vegas and Debra was having a hard time finding quality yarn for her knitting needs. 

After some decsions we decided to open Wicked Sins Yarn and Designs.  We looked for the best yarn to carry and have since decided to carry African Expression yarn.  This yarn comes from South Africa and is quality yarn which does not contain knots!  We also have started to carry Dream in Color.

We have moved to Montana as it is better for our health the heat was killing us in Las Vegas. We are the only shop in Montana to carry both Dream in Color and African Expression yarn.  We are Veteran owned so please visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Tic Tok.  We love to hear from you!